10 reasons why you may not be getting interviews.

So, a little introduction. My name is Ashlee, I own and operate Next Stop Employment Services (NSE) which primarily focuses on assisting job seekers in their search for employment. The reason i created this business was because basically I am passionate about helping others and I wanted to put my expertise and skills to good use. 

Throughout the past 18 months of running NSE I have dealt with hundreds of job seekers and assisted them with their resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. Recently i've added "Interview Coaching" to the mix (after 10 years in the recruitment industry I know a thing or two about interviews.)

The most common question asked is "Why don't I get interviews?" 

Now applying for work can seem like a full time job in itself but there are some mistakes candidates make that can be easily avoidable. 

1. No cover letter - applying for a position without attaching a cover letter especially if the job ad mentions to. 

2. Including a generic cover letter that does not address the selection criteria and is attentioned to the wrong hiring manager. 

3. Sending an outdated resume that does not include your most recent job. I've seen it oh so many times. 

4. Your resume is not relevant to the position you applied for. It is important to somewhat tailor your resume and include keywords/attributes that the company is looking for. Many organisations utilise an ATS server that actually discards resumes before it even gets in the hands of the hiring manager. 

5. Your resume is unprofessional, contains irrelevant information, formatted incorrectly and is difficult to read.

6. You do not have an online presence such as LinkedIn. (More and more employers are hiring solely through LinkedIn and like to see endorsements and recommendations made by previous businesses)

7. You have an unprofessional voicemail and social media. (Employers do stalk your social medias) 

8. You failed the phone screening process- The phone screening process is basically an interview. Prepare. Remember the roles you have applied for, the worst thing you can say is "Sorry, I have applied for 100 jobs. What was this job again?" Doesn't seem like you are very interested in their company now does it?

9. You don't follow up after your job applications - email or phone 24 hours after you have sent an application to ensure they have received it.

10. Be yourself! At the end of the day you can only be you. 

Some of these may seem like common sense or be a little harsh but some employers are recruiting for 10 different jobs and receiving 200 + applications for each so it is so important to put your best foot forward in such a competitive market.

Contact Next Stop Employment if you may require further assistance nextstopemployment@gmail.com 


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