Ashlee here!

I am a passionate coach and writer determined to support and empower your career related goals!

Along with running this business I also juggle motherhood. This is my story -

I began my recruitment career in 2007 and worked for several private firms and agencies in account management and consultancy roles. I loved my full time job and the opportunity it gave me to help others achieve their dreams.

I began paremtal leave in 2016 and during this time the business was born. I knew the may barriers job seekers faced and whole heartedly wanted to assist them in anyway I could.

Like many mothers, the thought of returning to the 9-5 didn’t interest me and leaving my bub didn’t sit well with me either. I wanted to be there for all those precious milestones whilst doing something I absolutely loved. So I resigned from my job and decided to put everything into this business.

In 2019 I began offering start up business coaching, providing my advice and expertise to help women find that flexibility they crave.

I also offer a range of employment based services including resume writing, career clarity coaching, VA assistance and I have produced a range of short courses and EBOOKS.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you feel free to get in touch with me here.